I’m Philip Monk, a Software developer in Gilbert, Arizona.

https://github.com/philipcmonk, phil@pcmonk.me.


May 2014 - August 2016
Tlon Corporation

Worked on all levels of the Urbit system in a team of five, including:

  • Vere, an interpreter for Nock bytecode (in C)
    • Wrote the machinery for Dropbox-style sync of Urbit’s local filesystem to Unix
    • Wrote some of the garbage collection algorithms for the memory manager, eliminated memory leaks
    • Worked on the statistical profiler
  • Arvo, a non-preemptive operating system running under Vere (in the Hoon programming language)
    • Wrote a typed, revision-controlled, global filesystem
    • Implemented a fully end-to-end acknowledgment system for Ames, a network protocol on top of UDP
    • Made improvements to the web server, application manager, functional build system, and timer subsystems
    • Wrote various applications using all aspects of the system
  • Hoon, a purely functional, strongly typed programming language
    • Was one of the first to learn the language, before there was reference documentation
    • Wrote parts of the core libraries
    • Assisted in the design of new language features
  • urb, a Unix tool to interact with Urbit over HTTP (in Python)
    • Sole author
  • A FUSE filesystem that exposes Urbit’s global, revision-controlled filesystem to Unix (in Python)
  • The backend for a successful crowdfunding website (in Node)
  • Documentation
    • Wrote user tutorials, evangelism doc, programming tutorials, cookbook-style recipes, and reference documentation
  • Assisted users and open source contributors new to Urbit.
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at Arizona State University

Researched an open problem in combinatorics/graph theory, namely, how to count the number of spanning trees in the n-cube using bijective techniques. Presented research at the Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference in February 2014.

Jan. 2012 - May 2012
Mathematics and Physics Tutor at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Tutored college level mathematics and physics from Introductory Algebra to Calculus III, Differential Equations, and University Physics II.

Open Source Contributions

Author of Phlisped, a graphical programming editor experiment written in Racket.

Co-Author of hoon.vim, syntax highlighting in vim for the (then undocumented) Hoon language.


Four years toward CS and Math degrees, at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (2010-2012) and Arizona State University (2012-2014). Incomplete.

Skills and Technologies

Human Languages: English (native), Spanish (conversational), Russian (basic)

Computer Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Racket/Scheme, Hoon, Bash shell scripting

Other skills and technologies: Systems programming, Linux, Git, FUSE, Technical writing


  • Winner of the Digital Design Challenge at the Avnet Tech Games 2012

  • Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)

  • National Merit Scholar (Fall 2011)

  • Publications:

    • Counting Spanning Trees Using Bijective Techniques. Presentation at the Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference. February 2014.

    • Horizontal Transformations of Functions: A Student’s Exploration. Scott Adamson, Philip Monk. OnCore. Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Fall 2013.

  • Hobbies: Sound engineering, hiking, ultimate frisbee, baseball, languages, cultures.